We take the art of hair dressing scissor sharpening very seriously

Perth Scissor Sharpening has been in the business of helping stylists maintain their tools to its best shape for nearly 25 years. We understand how personal your equipment is to you, and we aspire to give it the same attention and service that it deserves.

Investing in a good pair of shears is not cheap. They are an investment and one that is hard to find. In the business of hairstyling, your tools can often set you apart from the competition. While talent and skill are a must in this industry, you can’t deny that despite your long range of experiences, a dull tool can often set you back a few years.

Precision sharpening requires technical knowledge, along with world leading equipment. Our bladesmiths not only understand how different hairdressing scissors and thinners work, but thoroughly understand how they are made. After nearly 25 years, we have developed a deep technical knowledge to maximise the cutting performance and longevity of your tools.

You can trust a brand that both sells, manufactures and maintains premium quality scissors, clippers and nippers to the highest standards for the hairdressing, barbering, dog/pet grooming, veterinary, nail care and surgical industries.


After years of experience selling hairdressing scissors, we are not only familiar with your shears’ needs, we are also familiar with the requirements of our clients. While other companies end their service after the customer receives the item, we instead prefer to build lifelong relationships with our clients.

It doesn’t matter whether you purchased once, or you only purchased one time, we desire to give you equal assistance as we would give our repeat purchasers.

Taking this philosophy to heart, we have extended our services to include hairdressing scissor sharpening, and other services catering to the care and maintenance of your hard-earned scissors.

We service the entire Perth area, from the north to the south of the river, including Albany, Kalgoorlie, and many more. On the other hand, we also offer postal sharpening services to our customers in other locations within Australia.

Where there is a customer, we do as much as we can to reach them.

We have people who are willing to answer your questions within the hour. Whether it’s through call or through email, we will be here to help you every step of the way, partnering with you on your journey to become the best stylist you can be.

Our website is filled with helpful guides to help you learn more about how to best care for your tools. Feel free to browse through our blog, or follow us on social media to receive the latest news and updates.


If you want to book an appointment or are looking for a way to get in touch with us, simply send us an email at [email protected], call us on 0483908599 or use the contact form below


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