Professional Level Postal Sharpening Service By Industry Experts

We are a Perth-based scissor sharpening business that caters to the entire Perth area. For our Australian clients in other locations, we offer a no non-sense postal sharpening service.

To get your scissors sharpened via mail, you need to first book an appointment by sending us an email or calling us. Once our representative has approved your request, you can then send your shears to the PO Box address provided in the instructions.

After you have mailed the scissors, you will have to send us the Tracking Number so we can look out for your package. One of staff will inform you once we receive your shears.

After conducting a pre-test, we will assess whether your shears need any other requirements. We then proceed to sharpening your shears. Our service also includes cleaning, polishing and balancing them right after.

For convex scissors, we dismantle them before sharpening so we can ensure that the blades and the ride area are in their optimal shape. We always conduct a test right after the shears are sharpened to make sure they are working properly. As much as possible, we stick by the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure your shears maintain its factory condition.

Once approved by our quality control team, we will then proceed to inform you that your shears have been sharpened and are now ready for delivery. The scissors are then carefully wrapped and sent to the address you provided. You can easily monitor your package by using the tracking number to be sent by our representative.

If you encounter any problems after sharpening, or have any further questions or concerns, simply send us a message and our customer service will attend to your needs within the hour.

Perth Scissor Sharpening has been in the business of sharpening hairdressing scissors for over 20 years. We value our clients as much as we value their tools of the trade.


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